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Links to our favorite web sites (with editorial commentary of course)

bulletAircooled.net - excellent source for parts and after sales service!  John does his homework so you don't have to.  I've dealt with John and his company for years, and he always comes through.  If you need the best in parts, shop with him!
bulletAircooled Technology - Jake Raby's site dedicated to the Type 4 engine and applications.  Jake is an amazing source of help and information.  They do some stuff for T1, but Jake's primary passion is Type 4.  An awesome resource of information, parts, and engine kits.  Jake's done a LOT of good for the hobby, in the form of parts, research, and creating his own forums.
bulletAirKooled Kustoms - Restoration specialists located in Hazel Green, Alabama.  Spook (Eric) is a great guy besides being a metal working wizard.  I've personally seen the shop and his projects, and he does fine work.
bulletCal-Look.com - this website has been around a long time, providing a place for race and show involved enthusiasts to give and get information.  Centered on a specific style and interest group, the site is mostly limited to a niche of people and topics.
bulletFundubs.com - website to a local forum, primarily middle Tennessee vw owners there currently.  I hope it grows.  I know the site owners and they are great people.  Hats off for starting a new forum guys!
bulletThe Samba - excellent resource for information, buying, and selling Re: VW aircooled stuff!  The best aircooled website hands down!


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